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360 Medical

360 Medical is a medical equipment lifecycle company that includes asset disposition and strategic equipment advisory. 360 Medical works directly with OEMs (manufacturers), hospitals, and service providers to develop medical equipment liquidation strategies to pick up, transport, warehouse, and sell to the much needed developing countries, such as Friends of the African Union (FAU).   

360 Medical has direct access to all types of equipment, including Biomed, facilities, OR, radiology, lab, and central supply.

Regarding logistics, our direct relationships with US freight forwarders permit 360 Medical to assist with arranging the packing, loading, removing, and shipping of the items.  360 not only has direct access to high-end medical imaging equipment, but also the required parts and services. This is extremely essential in determining the required training and support.


Request Full Access to our medical equipment inventory

Ever Changing And Emerging Medical Markets.

   360 Medical is a company that specializes in selling medical equipment for the entire lifecycle to emerging countries and markets. The company offers a range of high-quality medical devices and equipment, including monitoring systems, surgical instruments, and imaging technologies. By providing these essential medical tools, 360 Medical aims to improve healthcare access and outcomes in developing regions. They also offer training and support services to ensure the effective use and maintenance of the equipment.


  Overall, 360 Medical is committed to promoting health equity and providing innovative solutions to healthcare challenges worldwide.

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